Skevi Demetriou, Ph.D.


My broad research interests include teaching and learning with an emphasis on motivation for learning. In particular, I am interested in technology-enhanced learning and more specifically, in the area of computer games. My research scope focuses on how both children and adults engage with computer games for learning and what are the factors that positively impact on their motivation for learning within such contexts. My focus is on reward uncertainty and more specifically, prediction error within gaming environments. My main research aspirations lie on exploring how uncertainty may trigger the formation of learning even in gaming contexts that are not computer based. I am also interested on how children construct their artificial opponents within computer based learning games and how the type of the artificial opponent may impact on children’s learning and constructs.

When researching, I employ an interdisciplinary, mixed-methods research agenda combining knowledge from multiple disciplines such as Education, Neuroscience (NeuroEducation) and Psychology as they all may shed light on the same topic from a different perspective.