Skevi Demetriou, Ph.D.


2015 – 2016

Continuing Studies – Professional Development Courses: “Website Design”

Stanford University

2014 – 2015

MSc in Educational Leadership and Management (Distinction)

Cyprus International Institute of Management

Sample of subjects studied: Introduction to Educational Management (A), Curriculum Development (A), Assessment of schools, teachers and educational programs (A), Human Resource Development (A), Educational Policy and Strategic Design (A), Leadership and Ethics (A), Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education (A), Educational Effectiveness and School Improvement (A), Differentiation and Educational Leadership (A), School Bullying (A), Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Leadership: Basic Competences in the Different Levels of Action (A), Social Psychology: Intergroup Relations in school (A)

Title of independent study: Computer games, learning and motivation viewed through the interdisclinary approach of Education and Neuroscience (A)

2007 – 2011

PhD in Education

Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK
Title of thesis: Computer-based learning games involving chance-based uncertainty: An approach in the interdisciplinary area of NeuroEducation.
Supervisor: Dr Paul Howard-Jones - Senior Lecturer in Education

Education Services Training: “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme for Postgraduate Students”
University of Bristol

2006 - 2007

MEd in Research Methods (Distinction)

Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol
Sample of subjects studied: Statistics in Education (A), Exploring Qualitative Methods (A), Understanding Educational Research (A), Multivariate Statistical Methods in Education (A), Research Design and Data Collection (A), Philosophy of Social Science (A)
Title of thesis: Emotional arousal and learning in an educational computer game involving uncertainty and chance (A)

Qualified Teacher Status awarded by the General Teaching Council for England and National College for Teaching and Leadership, United Kingdom

2005 - 2006

MSc in Education, Technology and Society (Distinction)

Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol
Sample of subjects studied: Virtual Learning Environments (A), Brain, Cognition and Education (A), ICT and Society (A), Teaching and Learning with ICT 1 (A), Design and Development for Learning (A), Research Methods and ICT (A), Teaching and Learning with ICT 2 (A)
Title of thesis: Children responding to uncertainty in an educational, computer-based game (A)

2001 - 2005

BSc in Instructional Sciences (8.32/10 equivalent to Upper Second Class)

Department of Education - University of Cyprus

1998 - 2001

LyceumApolyterion (19.5/20 - Distinction - top 5 of 330 students) – GCSE A level equivalent

Sample of subjects studied: Advanced Physics (20/20), Advanced Biology (20/20), Advanced Mathematics (18/20), Modern Greek (20/20), English (20/20), History (20/20), Music (20/20), Physical Education (20/20), Religious Education (20/20), French (20/20), Ancient Greek (20/20). IELTS (7.0)

1995 - 1998

Gymnasium Apolyterion (Distinction - ranked first in 300 students) – GCSE O level equivalent

Subjects studied: Modern Greek (A in terms and 20/20 in final exams), History (A in terms and 20/20 in final exams), Mathematics (A in terms and 20/20 in final exams), Physics (A in terms and 19/20 in final exams), English (A), Music (A), Art (A), Religious Education (A), Physical Education (A), Chemistry – Biology (A), Ancient Greek (A), French (A)
GCE (O level) English Language (Β) Certificate of LCCI Examinations Board of Accounting – Third level